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Products of TM «Syaivir»

Products of TM «Syaivir» include chilled and frozen turkey meat

Chilled meat is fresh meat produced from freshly slaughtered poultry and stored under refrigeration without being frozen. The chilling temperature is maintained throughout the subsequent processing, handling, transport, storage, distribution and retail. This unbroken link of refrigeration is referred to as a Cold Chain System for meat. This continues through to keeping chilled meat in home refrigerators. Chilled meat keeps its freshness for 3 to 5 days in display chiller or home refrigerator. It is convenient to use and can be cut into specific portions to exact requirements of the user.


Frozen meat is processed from freshly slaughtered poultry. The meat which is in peak condition and freshness, is preserved by rapid freezing to colder then -18 ˚C and is then stored and distributed in this frozen form. Freezing stops bacterial growth. Freezing meat can therefore preserve the meat in good conditions and retains its wholesomeness and quality for long periods ranging from 6 months to a year depending on the kinds of meat. Upon thawing, the quality of the meat should be as acceptable to the consumer as fresh product. Chill/freezing temperatures are maintained the cold chain system to preserve the freshness, nutritive values and eating quality of the meat. The cold temperature of chilled meat (kept at below 4 ˚C) enhances safety as the growth of bacteria which can because food poisoning is suppressed. Chilled/frozen meat has a linger shelf life as cold temperature slows down the growth of bacteria which cause spoilage. There is less wastage due to better keeping qualities of the meat when handled and stored under recommended chilling/freezing conditions. Chilled/frozen fresh meat is convenient and ready for use straight from the refrigerator. You can be assured that the chilled/frozen meat that you buy is fresh and safe.


Our chilled and frozen turkey meat is presented under TM «Syaivir».

Syaivir™ assortment

Whole turkey (4,5-18 kg)

Turkey breast

Turkey thigh (no skin, no bond)

Turkey thigh (skin on, bond in)

Turkey drumstick

Drumstick meat

Meat cubes

Turkey leg

Turkey wings (whole and parts)

Turkey necks

Turkey back

Turkey tails

Turkey liver and hearts

Turkey gizzards

Turkey meat cubes

Turkey skin

Turkey fat


Turkey feet

Packagin according to customer requirements.

General food structure of meat (nutritional value):

21-28% protein, 12% fat, saturated fatty acids. Turkey meat is rich with vitamins B, vitamins A, PP (daily rate), ie macro - and trace elements also make turkey indispensable in dietary iron, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, magnesium and potassium. So is the composition of minerals in turkey meat. The iron, which is more easily digested than vegetables, helps fight with anemia, calcium and magnesium - improves brain function. 

Turkey meat calories:

  • whole turkey (with skin/no skin) - 276 calories/161 calories
  • turkey fillet calories - 113 calories
  • turkey breast calories - 120 calories
  • turkey breast (no skin) calories - 84 kcal
  • turkey feet calories - 142 calories
  • turkey liver calories - 276 calories
  • turkey heart calories - 128 calories
  • turkey gizzards calories - 143 calories


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