More than 50 types of selected, dietary turkey meat, semi-finished products and sausages
Turkey nr.1 in Ukraine
Natural feeds
"UPG-Invest" LLC provides a full production cycle of turkey meat : growing, using its own produced fodder, slaughtering, cutting, turkey meat products manufacturing.
Compassionate care
Quality control
We feed our turkeys exceptionally with the high quality feeds produced at our own factory using the best crops. In 2014 our feed mill "ABO-MIX" LLC became the biggest enterprise in its domain in Ukraine. Production capacity of 120 000 tons per year...
guarantees a balanced diet for our own farms and supply feed for all types of farm animals and poultry. Products of "ABO-MIX" LLC known under "AGRO GOLD MIX" ™ are considered as high quality standard natural feeds in Ukraine and are successfully exported to the EU.
To get the most delicious turkey meat, we have built 52 poultry houses in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine - Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions. The growth of chicks is monitored daily by leading specialists in this...
field, thanks to which the products of UPG-Invest LLC have received the EURO1certificate. LLC "UPG-Invest" is following the strictest regulations and rules at all stages. The total area of production is 85 000 m2 , which makes it possible to produce more than 15,000 tons of selected turkey per year.
To ensure the conformity of products to the premium standard, UPG-Invest LLC has developed and implemented its own traceability system. The safety of food products...
at the enterprise is controlled according to the ISO: 22000 standard (HACCP), and quality management is carried out on the basis of requirements of ISO: 9001.
The company's meat processing division is located in the Kyiv region, which produces a wide range of turkey. The plant's production capacity is more than 2,000 tons per year: turkey cuts and large selection of semi-finished goods.
Production of semi-finished products
Since its establishment LLC "UPG-Invest" became the first professional producer of premium quality turkey meat in Ukraine. That's when the brand "Syaivir" appeared.
Our history
Renovation and alteration of poultry houses with a total area of 6 900 m2. The first industrial rearing of turkeys in Ukraine.
Production growth has tripled in 3 years. The total area of production facilities increased to 21,000 m2.
Successful launching of the third stage of renovated facilities . Production area has been increased by 40%.
Annual turkey production exceeds the threshold of 7,600 tons of live weight with an industrial capacity of 48,300 m².
Successful launch of the newly built meat processing plant and slaughterhouse. Modern equipment provides a capacity of 25,000 tons per year.
Doubling of production volumes and sales. There are 52 poultry houses with a total area of 85 000 meters squared.
The activity of LLC UPG-Invest started more than 18 years ago on the territory of Chernivtsi region. In 2002, our company rebuilt and re-equipped the old brownfield farms into modern poultry farms.
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