The secret delicious turkey dishes
To cook tasty tender turkey meat saving maximum nutrients you need to follow next rules:
1. For dietary nutrition it is best to cook turkey breast in the oven.
2. There are few ways to cook it: simply place meat into your baking pan , in aluminium foil or in backing paper.
3. If you are backing just the breast, then you need to pour it with its own juice or with a specially prepared souse every 15 minutes.
4. Usual boiling point is 190 C, with forced air circulation - 170.

5. Time of cooking in the oven: depends on the weight - 15-18 minutes for each 450 g.
To cook tasty turkey breast it is better to marinade it in vine, soybean sauce or in yogurt before.
Like this a bit dry breast becomes juicy and softer.
7. Never stuff turkey breast too tight, filling might have the same temperature as turkey meat.

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