"UPG-Invest" LLC production facilities are located in an ecologically clean area of the Carpathian region. Production is certified and is manufactured according to the standards of ISO:9001, ISO:22000, BRC. Traceability system is implemented at our factory as well.
Turkey meat quality and taste directly depends on the quality of feed and balanced nutrition. That is why our company manufacturers its own feed which is made from selected grains and is created according to the age demands of poultry. Thus we aim to provide the best nutrition diet for turkey.

When choosing the supplier of raw materials for our feed, we choose only the highest quality grain crops from ecologically clean areas.

Each batch of grain undergoes laboratory tests for compliance with chemical composition and sanitary standards.

"ABO-MIX" LLC is the animal feed producing plant that is part of a group of our companies. Its products are known under the ™ "AGRO GOLD MIX" and have a big demand on Ukrainian and European market. Our feeds fully meet premium class requirements as they are produced out of natural ingredients and do not contain any chemical additives.
Production stages
We are what we eat
To obtain the quality turkey meat it is very important to choose the right breed and the source of origin of the bird.

The leading European turkey breeding company Moorgut Kartzfehn is our company's partner and the only supplier since the foundation of LLC "UPG-Invest ''.
First there was an egg
The process of turkey rearing is done under the close supervision of leading domestic specialists in the field of poultry growing and veterinary medicine.

To provide the best rearing conditions we built 52 poultry houses in ecologically clean regions of Western Ukraine (mountain area). Total growing area amounts to 100000 meters squared. Production capacity of the factory is 15 000 tons of meat per year.
Turkey rearing
In 2019 "UPG-Invest" launched a new turkey meat processing plant. Factory is equipped with the best high-tech machinery. Recipes are created by leading industry technologists. Production capacity of the processing line is 25 000 tons of ready products per year.
Slaughtering and processing
We always expand our product range. Company product line includes whole turkey of different sizes, turkey cuts, semi-finished products, grill menu, sausages and deli meats.
Meat packing
We are a customer focused company, that's why we always take in consideration market demand and preferences.Our packing line includes different professional packing machines for various types of packing: second-skin pack for whole turkey, vacuum packing, gas environment packing, packing line for sausages.
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