Wide variety of products of LLC "UPG-INVEST" includes more than 50 items:
Our products
fresh and frozen turkey and turkey cuts, sausages and deli collection of "Syaivir" ™ and semi-finished turkey meat products of "Naturville" ™.
Exceptional taste of meat of our turkey depends on specifics of raising and feeding:

  • raised in mountain area under strict control of best industry specialists;

  • premium compound feeds of TM "AGRO GOLD MIX", which do not contain chemical additives;

  • adheres to the highest standards of sanitary norms and quality control during the production;

  • traceability system, ISO:22000, ISO:9001, BRC implemented.
Turkeys of "UPG-Invest" LLC are raised in ecologically clean regions of the Karpation area.
Turkey breast contains 114 calories per 100 g. Turkey meat is super dietetic as it is high in proteins (24%), low in fats (to 12%) and has 0% of carbohydrates. Average nutritional value of turkey meat (skin on) is 276 calories per 100 g.
Nutritional value of turkey meat
One of characteristic features of the product is high containment of Ferum (more than twice as in beef). That's why it is recommended to consume the turkey meat when recovering from injury. High P, Mg and Ca increase mental alertness.
Being rich in vitamins and trace elements, turkey meat is one of the most dietary types of meat. Doctors recommend turkey meat for newborns, pregnant and to consume it while treating certain diseases as it doesn't cause any allergic reactions.
Nutritional value of separate parts of turkey please check the product description.
Product feature and benefits
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